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Using outside email domain

Due to the way spam is processed on the internet there are certain restrictions that may affect your ability to send email if you are using a domain that is not hosted on our network. This is commonly used to send email via work email accounts or via domain names that you use which are hosted on other networks. If you are not sure whether this article affects you please contact us.

The background on the issue is that email servers "read" every message that comes through and are then asked to determine whether the message is legitimate or not. One of the many tools they use is to check the "postmark" of the email to make sure it came from the server that your email address says you are coming from. If your outbound server is not the same as your inbound server this is seen as a strong red flag and most receiving servers will toss the email as spam.

You have three options to fix this problem:

1) You can move your email hosting to our system - contact us for rates to do this.

2) You can change your email setup to show that the message is in fact coming from our network, then set your return address to your external mail domain. Replies will be returned to you correctly but the visual appearance of your email will show that the email came from @litewire.net. This will allow your email to be delivered correctly, but may not be the desired look you want to achieve.

3) You can ask your mail provider to give you a "Secure SMTP port" and ask them how to configure it correctly for their system.

Option #3 is the best option because it will allow you to use your mail provider's server directly which means that the spam filtering technology will see your email as being "postmarked" correctly. Some mail providers may not offer this option which means you need to either go with option #2 or pick a new provider.

If you have any questions please let us know, but understand that we are unable to assist with configuration of "option #3" because the settings required are dependent on how your mail provider's server is configured. They should be able to help you get that configured.


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