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Static IP address configuration

To access the service you will need to configure your equipment correctly. If you have any trouble finding the correct settings please contact us.



These instructions assume you are using a home router but other configurations are possible. If you need more information or help with these settings please let us know.

Things you will need:
ITEM 1) The IP address of the destination device (xbox, camera, etc.). You find this by checking the current network settings on that device. Write down that number.
         2) Access to your wireless router's settings.

More info: You must tell your router to pass the connection on to that device which you are trying to access from the internet. For example an xbox, camera, or a video phone will have a "Local Area Network" (LAN) address. You must tell your router to pass data to that address. The most secure and correct process to do this is with a function called "Port forwarding". If you know how to do this with your router, configure it to pass the desired port(s) to the desired device(s). If you are not familiar with port forwarding you can "pass everything" to one local device with a function in your router called "DMZ". If you need to pass data to more than one local device and/or you wish to limit exposure to your local device you will need to use port forwarding. These instructions are intended to get you going and as such provide steps for setting up one device via the DMZ settings.

Step #1) In this step you will be setting your router to accept the inbound connection. You do this by accessing your router's settings from your PC. If you do not know how to access your router, please stop here and contact us for assistance.
1a) Login to your router's setup.
1b) Find the settings for the "Internet" or "WAN" interface and enter the following information:
      IP Address type: Static
      IP Address:
      Secondary DNS (optional):

Step #2) In this step you will be configuring your router to pass the data to IP address which you collected as "Item 1" above.

2a) Find the DMZ settings in your router.
2b) Enter the IP address of the device you wrote down from step "Item 1" above.

Congratulations, you are done!

Note that the only changes required on your network are within your router. Do not make changes to the final destination (such as your xbox or camera) unless you know why you are making those changes. Advanced users may want to do additional changes depending on specific needs, so if you have any questions, please contact us.

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