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Mobile phone setup

This article is tuned for Android instructions, but the settings contained here should apply to all mobile devices. If you have any trouble with these instructions please let us know which step you are getting stuck on.

Additional instructions for Apple products are available here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4810

1) Add a new account. The account mode should be "other"

[More info] On an Android based device you add a new account by going to your device settings and then selecting "Accounts and Sync". There should be an "Add account" option on that screen


2) Enter your email address and password, then select "Manual setup"


3) Select POP3 Account.


4) Change the following "Incoming" settings:
- Username ->Full email address
- POP3 Server -> mail.litewire.net
    (Confirm, the remainder)
- Port = 110
- Delete email from server = Never


5) Press Next


6) Change the following Outgoing settings:
- SMTP server -> smtp.litewire.net
(Confirm the following settings)
- Port = 587
- Require sign-in = Checked
- User name = [full email address]
- Password = [your password]


7) Select Next



Note that steps 5 & 7 will confirm settings and give you an error if something goes wrong.

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