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Change Cisco/Linksys wireless router channel

To change the wireless channel on most Linksys routers:


1. Open up a browser and type in the following URL:

2. Type the Username as admin, and Password as admin. Then click OK. (these are the defaults, if you have done previous configuration on your router the password may be different)

3. The router's web-based setup page should now appear like the one below:

NOTE: The image varies depending on the router model you're using.


4. On the setup page, click the Wireless tab then click on the Basic Wireless Settings sub-tab.


5. On the Configuration View section, click the Manual radio button. Choosing the Manual setup will allow you to adjust your wireless channel according to your preference. (this step may not be necessary on some models).

NOTE: Leave the Channel Width set to 20MHz Only.

6. Click the drop-down arrow for Channel, then select your desired channel.

NOTE: If you have options for 5ghz and 2.4ghz channels, we are typically only concerned with the 2.4ghz channel.

Click Save Settings

More information on Linksys Routers can be found HERE


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