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Improve Netflix performance


If you are having problems with Netflix buffering during playback, you can try the following to improve streaming performance:

Log in to the http://www.netflix.com website and click on Account in the menu in the top right corner. Follow this up by clicking on Playback settings under the MY PROFILE section near the bottom of the page.

Finally, select the video quality you'd like to use and click on Save.

If you wish to use your connection for other purposes, such as web surfing while you are using Netflix, we recommend setting the quality to Good quality.
If the maximum quality is not set, Netflix will normally try to use your connection at its maximum capacity, which means that if, for example you check your email while watching a movie, it will often cause Netflix to re-buffer and interrept your video. By setting the maximum quality to something less than what your connection can handle, you leave some capacity unused and available for other activities.
If you prefer, you can test your connection's download speed and set your Netflix quality to the next level below your connection speed.
The approximate maximum bandwidth used by each quality settings is as follows:
Low quality: 700kbps/0.7mbps
Medium quality: 1500kbps/1.5mbps
High quality: 7000kbps/7mbps or 16mbps for Ultra HD.

Note that the maximum rates depend on the content being streamed and the playback device in use.
If you are using Netflix directly on an internet connected TV or Blu-ray player, we recommend setting the video quality as suggested above, as these devices will often try to run video at the maximum quality, regardless of what your internet connection is capable if, resulting in a very poor streaming performance
If you plan to use Netflix on multiple devices simultaneously or if you are unconcerned with getting the best picture quality possible, we always recommend using the Low quality setting. Picture quality will be somewhat lower but interruptions will be minimized by using this setting.
If you wish to get the best picture quality possible, and do not plan to use your internet connection for any other purposes while using Netflix, you can leave this setting at its default or set it to the nearest setting above your connection's download speed, although you may occasionally see Netflix stall and buffer (especially if something else uses your connection).
Note: The rates listed above are maximum rates, not a fixed stream rate, the actual bandwidth used by Netflix is automatically set to the best quality Netflix thinks your connection can handle, at or below user selected limit. 

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