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Change Motorola wireless router channel

To change the channel on most Motorola wireless routers:


1. Open up a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and type in the following URL:

2. You should see a screen requesting a username and password; type the Username as admin, and Password as motorola. Then click OK. (these are the defaults, if you have done previous configuration on your router the password may be different)

3. click the Wireless button (there should be a row of buttons for various settings either accross the top of the page or on the left side, depending on your router version)

4. Select the desired channel in the Channel Number dropdown menu.
If you do not see the Channel number dropdown, click the Basic tab at the top of the screen (this may not exist on all models)

5. Click the Apply button to save your settings


The complete user guide for Motorola WR850 routers can be found HERE (pdf)

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