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Basic router setup

1. The cable coming from your LiteWire antenna's power supply needs to be connected to the Internet or WAN port. (this is the same cable that was previously connected to your PC).


2. If you had a PC or other device connected directly to your LiteWire service, you can use a cat5/6 patch cable (usually included with your router) to connect one of the LAN ports on the router to your PC.


3. Most routers will work on their default settings, but you may wish to setup wireless security to prevent unauthorized access or customize other settings (you will need to refer to your user manual or contact the router's manufacturer for help with your specific router). When configuring your router's internet connection type, select Automatic Configuration for the connection type (this may also be labeled as DHCP, Dynamic or Cable Modem depending on the router). do NOT select any internet connection types that require a username or password, such as PPPoE.

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