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What do I need to connect the high speed wireless to my computer?

Any computer with a standard Ethernet port that is TCP/IP ready will automatically detect the network connection and self configure. This includes all Linux, Macintosh and Microsoft operating systems as far back as Windows95 and even Windows 3.1 with proper setup.

If you wish to connect wireless devices, please ask about our managed wifi service. Otherwise you will need to purchase your own wireless router.

If you need to know how to get signed up and working with LiteWire service simply go to the Plans / Sign up button above and select the options you are interested in. Note that you will not be charged anything at this time nor do we require any form of credit card/payment information. You will only need to provide this after the service installation has been completed.

After you complete the sign up proceedure we will check your location for computer predicted availability. Once complete we will then contact you to schedule an installer visit.

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