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How long does LiteWire store email?

When using email @LiteWire.net and you are using a local email client such as Thunderbird (recommended) you are limited only by the capacity of your own computer. Email stored there will be retained as long as you maintain access to the file on your computer. If you prefer to use our web based mail interface as your primary mail interface you should be aware that the server will regularly maintain data stored there. The rules currently applied are as follows:

Deleted mail: Up to 10MB,  Retained for 15 days.
Junk Mail:    Up to 10MB,  Retained for 12 days.
Sent Mail:    Up to 10MB,  Retained for 20 days.
Inbox:        Up to 145MB, Retained for 365 days.

Note that these settings may be changed in the future without notice. Please check here for updates.

If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.

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