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LiteWire router IP addressing information

The purpose of this article is to explain how we handle IP addressing and how advanced configurations should be done on the customer's side.

The LiteWire antenna has an integrated router, which by default will hand out DHCP addresses in the range.

The Router's IP address (the gateway for your devices) is, netmask, we also recommend using for you DNS server in any static configurations.
Any devices using Static IP addresses should be in the range to avoid any conflicts. By default we enable 1:1 NAT (DMZ) from the antenna/router's public IP address, to - this address should be used on your router, if you wish to do any port forwarding or if you need direct external access to any devices. are reserved for additional LiteWire services (managed wifi, PTP, etc.) and should be avoided as it could result in conflicts if you have additional LiteWire services, or add them in the future.

We do not support IPv6 at this time, but we are working to add that capability in the future.

Please note: This article is a work in progress - there may be ommisions or updates in the future.

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