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Wireless router recommendations

LiteWire does not recommend any specific brands or models of router for use with our service, but there are some that we suggest avoiding. The reason for this, is that these particular devices do not give you the option of manually configuring the wireless channel/frequency they use, and will often interfere with the connection our tower.

When your WiFi system is using a channel that conflicts with the LiteWire connection, it is common to see occasional disconnects and reduced speeds. With most wireless routers, this can easily be resolved by manually setting the router to use a channel that does not conflict (the specific channel that it needs to be set to varys by location, so you will need to ask us), but some of the newer systems, particularily several of the "whole home wifi" systems will only automatically select the channel they operate on, and do not give the user any control over it - because of this, it is impossible to permanantly resolve a channel conflict. 

The devices listed below have been identified by us as being problematic for these reasons:

Google WiFi
TP-Link Deco

Additionally, there are likely other systems that we have not yet identified that also have this problem, particularly the newer multi-unit wifi systems, so if you are considering that type of system, it's recommended that you verify that it has the ability to manually set the WiFi channel.

It is possible that the ability to manually set the channel could be added to these devices in future firmare updates, so I would recommend checking with the manufacturer if you have a device on this list.

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