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Mail settings

The following information is required to setup your email software:

  • Inbound server: mail.litewire.net (POP3 or IMAP - See below for more information)
  • Outbound (SMTP) server: smtp.litewire.net
  • Outbound (SMTP) server port #: 465 - Note this usually under advanced settings. The default setting may work depending on your environment so we recommend changing it for reliable connections.
  • Username - Your full email address - ie. example@litewire.net
  • Make sure that "Outbound Authentication" is enabled. Use the same username/password information as the inbound settings.

 If your email password appears to be rejected, or pops up over and over, please confirm that you have your full email address entered for your "User Name". The mail server will not accept your user name without @litewire.net OR @eishome.com included.


* Inbound mail server connection types vary depending on what you are trying to do. The three available types of connections are summarized below:

  IMAP POP3 Website Login
Messages stored on server  
Messages stored locally    
Unlimited mailbox size    
Sync email to multiple devices  
Organize email in folders
Device specific app  
Able to view ALL types of content  

For example, if your primary concern is to be able to check your email on various devices such as a phone, a table and a computer, you should consider using either IMAP or login via the website. If your primary concern is to make sure you have a backup of your email, you should consider a POP3 connection. Note that most mail clients support both POP3 and IMAP connections. This means that when you configure your mail connection you should decide between those two which features you prefer. Note that server based email is subject to limited capacity and age so if you need access to old messages you will want to use POP3. 

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