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Blocked or Filtered Email

The well known problem with spam getting into our emails requires advanced systems to maintain. Without these systems email servers around the planet are overwhelmed to the point of no longer providing any useful function. LiteWire has implemented the Reflexion spam filtering system to keep our email operational amidst this onslaught. With the Reflexion system all users of the @litewire.net email system benefit because without it we would all be flooded with junk.

If users subscribe to a Reflexion account they get controls which allow them to tune their messages the way they like them. Without this add-on there is a side effect of messages to be caught by the system, but there is no where to send them without a linked account. If you are using an email address @litewire.net and you believe you are not getting all of your email, it is likely that Reflexion filtering has caught some of your messages. Please read on for options you have to resolve this issue.

The first option is to sign up for Advanced spam filtering. This add-on to your existing email account is priced at $5/month or $30 for an entire year per email account. By adding this to your email address you will be sent a summary of any messages that have been captured and you will be given options as to what to do with them in the future. You are also able to adjust settings which control the depth of its filtering so you can block more or less than the defaults. This option gives you full control over your email.

The second option is to ask people to use your alternate email address. For historical reasons every email address on our system is able to receive messages @litewire.net AND @litewire.email. For example if your normal address was "joe@litewire.net" any message sent to "joe@litewire.email" will also show up in your mailbox without any changes to your configuration. You can give out the "@litewire.email" address to anyone that you need to make sure does not get filtered and it will bypass the Reflexion system entirely. 

The third option is to switch your email over to a free service such as Gmail. Those services provide their own rules for filtering spam and they may work better for your needs. LiteWire's free email accounts are not meant to compete with these offerings.

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