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Why choose Managed WIFI

We offer our "Managed WIFI" for those customers who are interested in an option where they do not have to maintain their own equipment.

You can start with one unit and add additional coverage later if needed or you can start out guessing at necessary coverage and request multiple units. When requesting mutiple units we recommend professional installation.

If you need us to install the units (recommended if you are choosing multiple units) there is an additional $50 installation charge.

Advantages of choosing Managed WIFI:

  • LiteWire will manage the configuration to make sure you are getting the best connection possible.
  • Custom configuration is possible by contacting our support department with your needs.
  • LiteWire will maintain the device(s) such that if they fail in the future they will be replaced.
  • With access to the router, we are able to troubleshoot connection issues that are otherwise necessary for the customer to perform themselves.
  • Simplified support due to our ability to test deeper than the outside of the customer's router.
  • Upfront costs are significantly reduced, especially if you desire professional installation.

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