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Email rules

You may find a need to prevent certain types of email from filling up your mailbox. Examples are blocking someone you do not wish to be contacting you or maybe blocking all email coming to your @eishome.com address.

For historical reasons LiteWire also supports the @eishome.com domain and will continue to provide that in the future for those who are using it. If you do not wish to receive an email addressed to that domain the following instructions can be used to create a rule to block it.

1) Login to your mail account at https://mail.litewire.net
2) Go to settings (the gear icon)
3) Select "Content Filtering"
4) Click "New" to create the desired rule.

"Name" is for your own reference and can be anything you wish.
Adjust the "Conditions" and "Actions" options to impact the messages you are trying to process automatically.

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